Transform Data into Knowledge with AI-Driven Document Analysis

Business and technology transformation from start to finish

We orchestrate our capabilities to truly change the game across strategy, design, technology, and industry.

Enterprise Software Development

Adapt superfast, scalable, and robust technological platforms for your enterprise.
Enterprise App Development
High-quality content-rich enterprise applications.
Mobile App Development
Transform your idea into a game changing mobile experience

CRM & ERP Solutions

Expert guidance for an expanding business, significantly reduce the cost of implementing CRM & ERP.
Salesforce COE
Expert Salesforce guidance for an expanding business.
Odoo ERP & CRM
Open-source business apps that cover all your company needs

End-to-End IT Solutions

Unlock the full potential through Operations Transformation.
IT Strategy & Planning
IT strategy to ensure your technology decisions meet your business needs.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Peace of mind guaranteed, keep your critical systems and processes safe.
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Enterprise IQ

Building a dashboard and data visualization of sprawling enterprise data using natural language is a powerful solution that can help your businesses unlock the full potential of your data.
Integration Ready
Integrate data from a wide range of sources, including Excel sheets, CSV, SQL, PDF, and more.
AI + Analytics
Essential tool for anyone looking to gain insights into their data quickly and easily.

Contracts IQ

Infuse the power of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to create legal contracts quickly, accurately, and affordably.
Omnichannel Data
Ingest data from SQL, NoSQL,CSV, PDF, REST API & more.
Collaborate in Teams
Share your contracts with team members and receive feedback and suggestions, all from within the MS Teams platform.
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Docs IQ

Docs IQ is a cloud-based OCR/CV powered document analysis service that can automatically extract text and data from a variety of document formats.
Combination of computer vision and OCR for the best results.
Limitless extraction
Extract text and data from tables, forms, and key-value pairs, as well as handwriting.


Identify areas for improvement and take action to address customer concerns and build on your strengths.
Take Action NOW
Address your customer concerns and build on your strengths
Distinctive Advantage
Stay ahead of the competition with Smart Sentiment Analysis
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Tabular IQ

Tabular IQ makes it possible to ask in plain, everyday language. No more waiting hours for data analysis to complete. We can generate insights in seconds, so you can make informed decisions at the speed of business.
Natural Language Queries
Imagine being able to ask your data questions like you're having a conversation with a human.
Precise to the point
Flexibility without compomising on accuracy with a single source of truth.

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